Coronavirus and Scouting at Holmer

Scouting during the COVID pandemic is governed by The Scouts Framework, which is aligned with Government-approved guidance for the youth sector developed by the National Youth Agency. This framework outlines:

  • the permissions process we went through to restart face-to-face activity 
  • the key considerations to keep face-to-face activities as safe as possible during the pandemic
  • legal and liability conditions 
  • key control measures for everyone to follow 

At Holmer we have followed this framework and are able to return to face to face Scouting when The Scouts’ readiness level is at Amber or higher. For the current readiness level see here.

In order to continue to deliver face to face Scouting we have written processes to keep our members and volunteers safe, plus risk assessments for our Sections. All these have been approved (where necessary) by the processes described in the The Scouts Framework, and can be found here, along with The Scouts Purple Card (emergency procedures) and Yellow Card (keeping young people safe):